CS:GO update adds Gamma Case knife skins, tightens Prime Matchmaking

csgo gamma knives

A new update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive puts some shiny new skins on your knives and guns while making Prime Matchmaking more exclusive.

Hot skins aren't what got CS:GO into the best FPS games on PC list.

The Prime Matchmaking status currently in beta testing phase will now require you to be level 21 or above as well as having a valid mobile number attached to your account.

As the Prime beta continues, those who meet the new criteria on their account will be able to limit their search to prime only or allow matchmaking to put them with "normal" players if they've waited long enough.

For new players, the restriction on competitive matchmaking has been lessened to reaching just level 2, and XP gain increased for the first couple of levels to get you there.

I guess once people worried about hackers ruining their matchmaking experience have migrated into Prime it doesn't matter if you make it too easy for them to get into normal, eh?

More upsides in the update as the Gamma Case is added bringing all these lovely looking gun skins and a new range of knife finishes, including a golden-etched "Lore" finish with green handles. Very ritual.

Sound improvements are also being added to help with "sound fatigue" especially on the Negev and Mag7, as well as amping smoke grenade sounds so you can always hear them over other sounds, like defusing.

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liquid phallus(184 days 18 hours played)
1 Year ago

"as well as amping smoke grenade sounds so you can always hear them over other sounds, like defusing"

this is not what they did, this would have had an adverse effect, they both changed the noise it produced, making it more constant than "explosive", contrary to the previous sound, which allowed you to time your defuse with the "explosive" sound of the smoke to completely mask it.