Glove skins are a rare special item in CS:GO’s new weapon cases

CSGO Glove Case

If you didn’t have enough cosmetics to customise in CSGO, now you have more. A large update, applied yesterday, adds the Glove Case, which can contain one of 24 all-new gloves. Lobbies based on your Steam Groups are another new feature, along with a few map tweaks and new weapon skins.

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Announced via the CS:GO blog, Glove Cases are now available in the game. They will contain some of the 17 new community-designed weapon finishes as standard loot, and unlike previous cases, they will offer the new gloves as special items. Anyone who’s ever hunted one of the rare knives will know how low the odds of getting a special item tend to be, but best of luck if you really want a new glove while terrorising or counter-terrorising.

Steam Group Lobbies enable you to view and join lobbies created by members of the Steam Groups to which you belong. They will can be found under the ‘Steam Groups’ tab on the main menu, next to your friends list. Check the FAQ for more information.

There are also some new StatTrak music kits, which replace the game’s music and also count how many times you’re awarded MVP in competitive mode. Artists include Beartooth, Twin Atlantic and Hundredth, among others.

Besides these headline features, the Reddit thread associated with the update also sets out some bug fixes and map tweaks. That annoying bump in T stairs on Train has been removed, for one.