Neymar celebrates World Cup goal with CS:GO flashbang dance

csgo flashbang

The mainstream media is full of stories about national football teams kicking back and playing smash hit battle royale Fortnite in their spare time at the World Cup in Russia at the moment, but it appears the Brazilian team would rather play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive than battle it out around Tilted Towers.

It’s no big secret that Neymar Jr is a big fan of the Valve shooter, having being snapped several times with FalleN and the rest of the current MiBR roster, but it was a surprise seeing the superstar running over to his teammates after scoring Brazil’s first goal against Mexico yesterday, and pretending to blind them with a poorly thrown flashbang. 

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The celebration, known as the flashbang dance, not only caught the eye of the CS:GO community on Reddit, but also the game’s developers who shared a gif of the celebration with a reminder for Neymar to call his flashbangs: 

And if paying homage to the FPS game and winning their match 2-0 wasn’t enough, Neymar got Coutinho, Willian, Jesus and Casemiro together for a quick competitive match on Inferno that evening. While you might be quick to laugh at his Gold Nova 1 rank, Redditors believe he’s playing on a smurf.

But this story is one of many from this year’s World Cup. We’ve heard how England, who are bringing it home in case you didn’t know, is keeping sane in between matches by playing Fortnite, and how Denmark reportedly had several gaming stations set up for their free time. We’ve also seen several Fortnite-inspired celebrations from Griezmann’s Take the L dance after his goal from the spot against Argentina, and Lingard’s shoot dance after his goal against Panama.

The only thing we’re left to see is the floss, but I’m sure that’s on the way.