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CSGO player count record broken yet again as Valve FPS dominates Steam

The CSGO player count record has been broken once again, just weeks after the decade-old Valve FPS game set new highs for concurrent users on Steam.

CSGO player count record broken yet again as Valve FPS dominates Steam: A soldier in a helmet and body armour aims a shotgun in Steam FPS game CSGO

The CSGO player count seems to know no bounds. Despite being released more than a decade ago, the landmark Valve FPS game previously set a new record for concurrent Steam users on February 11. It seemed unbeatable, but if ten years of CSGO battles have taught us anything, it’s that nothing is impossible – you might be up against five people, with the bomb already ticking down, but you can still grab a victory out of the fire. Likewise, CSGO players have once again beaten their own record, with the multiplayer shooter also remaining atop the Steam chart for current users.

Previously, the record number of concurrent CSGO users stood at 1,301,348. That was smashed on February 11, when 1,320,219 players logged on to blast, backstab, and blow up one another across Dust 2, Mirage, and the rest of Counter-Strike’s iconic maps.

But now, only eight days later, CSGO players have once again excelled themselves, setting a new all-time peak of 1,324,800 users on February 19. That means the previous record has been obliterated by more than 4,000. Surely this one will stand for a little longer, but then again, looking at figures from Steam DB, it could be that the online shooter is already on track for a new high.

As of this writing, CSGO has almost 760,000 active players, placing it firmly at the top of Steam’s current user chart, and miles ahead of second-place Dota 2, with 340,000 concurrent players, and Apex Legends with just over 300,000. The surge in popularity for Global Offensive comes as controversial set of CSGO skins, the ‘Doodle Lore’, is removed from sale after accusations that it was based on “stolen artwork.”

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