CS:GO Source 2 gets first gameplay footage, but not from Valve

CS:GO Source 2 is fast becoming a reality, as gameplay footage for an update to the online shooter is finally revealed, except it’s not being made by Valve

CS:GO Source 2 gets first gameplay trailer, but not from Valve: a soldier fires a gun from a crouching position in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the FPS game from Valve

CS:GO Source 2 has been rumoured for a while now, with fans of the biggest game on Steam expecting the online shooter to get upgraded imminently to the same engine powering Half-Life: Alyx. Well, CS:GO Source 2 is now a reality, and it even has gameplay footage. It just doesn’t come from Valve.

A team of game-makers and modders, represented by the long-standing Valve content creator channel Gabefollower, has rebuilt CS:GO in Source 2 from the ground up, using the community creation platform and spiritual successor to Garry’s Mod, S&box. The team claims that they have remade CS:GO without using a single line of code from the original game, and has created all the systems and mechanics from scratch. At the moment, the project is still in its infancy, with the first gameplay footage simply demonstrating a “vertical slice” which will be continually updated in the future. However, the team claims to have developed this inside six months, suggesting that a full version may not take an enormous amount of time.

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In July, an exploit in Discord’s rich presence feature — which allows players to display game data on their profiles such as score, duration, and map — was used to determine that a new version of CS:GO was being played. Its map names used the suffix “s2”,  which led some Valve content creators, such as YouTube’s Tyler McVicker, speculating that this signalled the game was being tested at the studio internally. Regardless of Valve’s own progress on CS:GO Source 2, the Gabefollower team says it will eventually release its own version as an open-source game. “Counter-Strike: Source 2 is a community driven, open-source project,” the team says. “We did not use a single line of code from CS:GO and eventually we’ll publish the full C# codebase on github.”

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