Rumoured CSGO 2 might add much-requested tool for perfect smokes

The rumoured CSGO 2, expected to be an opt-in Source 2 DLC by Valve for the biggest FPS game on Steam, looks to be adding some much-requested binds settings.

CSGO Source 2 - a soldier stands outside a house, holding a pink smoke grenade

With rumours continuing to circulate around a potential Counter-Strike 2 release date, a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sequel, or at least an official CSGO Source 2 port from Valve for the biggest game on Steam, intrepid developers have spotted code within a Dota 2 update that points to the addition of a much-requested feature in the FPS game.

If you’ve ever played CSGO or its Riot Games competitor Valorant, or even watched a few minutes of competitive play, you’ll know just how important controlling sight lines can be. As such, nailing those perfect CSGO smokes is extremely important, and the best players have been using a clever workaround to ensure they nail them every time – but now Valve might be about to make it more easily accessible to all.

The CSGO jumpthrow bind is a minor script used by players that lets you do pretty much exactly what it says on the tin – it assigns both jump and throw to a single button press, meaning that you can hit one key to perform both actions perfectly at once. This is important because nailing your timings is essential to land certain smoke lineups. It’s such a popular tool that Valve even made the use of jumpthrow binds tournament legal in 2019.

It’s a bit awkward for casual players, however – even if you know it exists, you do have to copy some code into your in-game console each time you load up the game and add your chosen custom key bind. This alias combines the two actions onto one button, but you can’t save it between sessions. However, players have spotted an option added to the Source 2 code in Dota 2 called ‘in_jump_throw_release’ that suggests we might be about to get a native jumpthrow bind in-game to make everyone’s lives more straightforward.

CSGO Source 2 - code from a Dota 2 update featuring a line reading '++in_jump_throw_release' (shared by aquaismissing on Twitter)

It seems pretty certain that this is code intended for Counter-Strike 2 smokes – it isn’t a command that would make much sense in Dota, after all – and therefore it seems like we could see that arrive with the Source 2 CSGO DLC. While there’s still been no official word from Valve responding to the rumours, there has been plenty of speculation that the supposed opt-in update could drop as soon as this month, following new options spotted in an Nvidia driver update.

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