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CSGO stickers from IEM Rio will be soon be removed by Valve

CSGO stickers marking the IEM Rio will soon be removed by Valve, so if you want to buy and trade them in the Steam FPS game, you need to act fast.

Valuable CSGO stickers will be soon be removed by Valve: A soldier in a balaclava and helmet in Steam FPS game CSGO

Valve will soon remove a set of CSGO stickers marking the IEM Rio, with the final sale date fast approaching. If you want to celebrate Heroic, FaZe, or Team Liquid, or have a shot at buying and trading in the Steam FPS game, you need to act fast.

After various delays owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the IEM Rio Major was eventually held in October and November 2022. Defending champions FaZe Clan were knocked out by the Bad News Eagles, with the final seeing Outsiders defeat Heroic across a CSGO map pool that included Dust 2, Mirage, and Inferno.

Marking the tournament, a series of CSGO stickers was released in October. Featuring signatures from iconic players like Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyljev and Joshua ‘INS’ Potter, stickers included in the set range in price from a couple of pennies to around $90 USD (£75 GBP). It’s a lot to pay for an in-game cosmetic, though nothing compared to some of the other most expensive CSGO stickers. At the top of the charts is the Titan Holo sticker from 2014, all yours for a mere $77,000 USD (£65,000 GBP). Yes, you read that right.

Despite only being on sale for a few months, Valve and CSGO say that the Rio stickers will soon be withdrawn.

“Heads up,” says a statement on the official CSGO Twitter. The last day to purchase Rio 2022 stickers is Monday, February 20.” As of this writing, that gives you approximately five days to purchase the Rio stickers. So, if you want to pay tribute to your favourite player, or invest in something to sell or trade later on, now’s the time. You can find the Rio stickers at various CSGO trading posts.

Elsewhere, the CSGO ‘Doodle Lore’ skin for the AWP has been removed and replaced, following claims that it infringed copyright, and was based on “stolen artwork.” Nevertheless, the popularity of CSGO is surging right now, as the multiplayer game sets a new record for concurrent players on Steam.

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