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CS:GO testing out "Prime Matchmaking" for players with verified accounts

coldzera graffiti cs:go

Valve's attempts to curb wanton hacking in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive took another step today as a new patch detailed their "Prime Matchmaking" initiative.

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The new feature, found by parsing strings from the beta build of the latest patch issued on April 21, will allow players to upgrade their account to Prime status.

Prime accounts must have a valid phone number linked to their Steam account, and will prioritise being placed in matchmaking against other Prime accounts.

Players simply need to verify their account, then hit the "Upgrade" button when prompted to join Prime. And just as with Steam's 2-factor authentication, the number cannot be a virtual or internet phone number such as Google Voice.

The feature is currently in beta, and is strongly framed as an experiment, which Valve are prone to conduct and drop if they turn out to be disasters.

Other additions from the patch include various bug fixes, and a neat tribute to Marcelo "coldzera" David's 4-kill AWP rampage on Mirage with some appropriate graffiti on the position he held to keep Luminosity Gaming's hopes alive in MLG Columbus (which you can see in the header above).

Enjoy being immortalised, Coldzera.

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QDP2 avatarxNuke avatarAldousMoxie avatarDreaM * Kickback.com avatar[OBC]Death MG/CS (2696 cases) avatar
QDP2 Avatar
2 Years ago

So prime just means that you have a phone number attached to your account? Ok, in that case I'll disconnect my phone number, so that I don't have to play with all the cheaters (who mainly also scam trade people).

xNuke Avatar
2 Years ago

I guess this will decrease the amount of smurfs when you're playing on your main account, since (myself included) opted to attach my phone number to my main.

This might also decrease the amount of trade scams and cheaters. Hopefully.

AldousMoxie Avatar
2 Years ago

Glad to see SMS enabled phones are now required to avoid cheaters. Another horrible design choice that negatively affects folks without a paid for phone, even if it makes no sense to have one for the person.

DreaM * Kickback.com Avatar
DreaM * Kickback.com(137 days 20 hours played)
2 Years ago

you're an idiot. anyone who doesn't have a phone in the 21st century has been living under a rock for 2 decades. It will also keep out 6 year olds who don't have phones.

[OBC]Death MG/CS (2696 cases) Avatar

I hate the fact that I had to get a phone, I hate cell phones, but as a trader I had to add it to all 5 of my accounts. and yes they are all the same rank and I got them before for storage. I have over 4000+ items for csgo.