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CS:GO update brings lovely gloves as Team Question Mark picks up new sponsor

As Counter-Strike: Global Offensive updates go, the latest adding much nicer hands isn't the largest. It hit yesterday, updating from lower poly and less detailed models to nice fancy new ones with sexy knobbly bits on the gloves. Very fancy. The announcement post also confirmed that CS:GO was hitting 10 million unique users a month currently, a tremendous figure if you consider the fact that CSGO ain't free (though has been very cheap several times). Meanwhile on the pro scene, orphaned Team Question Mark, previously of Team Solo-Mid before an unamicable split late last year, have signed with a new sponsor.

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The update's announcement post will let you compare the old textures to new ones, if you like, as well as that sidebar notification of 10,452,064 unique players last month. Obviously a lot of this comes out of yet another Steam sale, where folks who aren't sure if they'd be into Global Offensive pick it up for a fiver and give it a go. Still: that's a lot of people conducting sickening headshots on one-another, and not a mile behind Dota 2's 11,938,602 monthly players.

A poster on Reddit also produced these mockups of how pro teams could use the new glove skins to create cosmetics in their style. No surprise would be had if this was the main aim of the update from Valve's point of view. The Na'vi ones look particularly sweet, and I've always thought the gun skins weren't really enough - for me, they look rather ugly a massive amount of the time, logos stamped on with no real thought or pattern.

Speaking of pro teams, again on Reddit poster FalZen noticed that Team Question Mark player Dupreeh posted that he was signing the team to a new sponsor today. It's yet to be announced, but a further bit of sleuthing points out that Team Secret, of Dota fame, have recently changed their Twitter handle from a Dota-specific one to the more general @teamsecret and were recently varified. They've also just opened a YouTube channel with the tagline "It's a Secret" and flashy intro vid:

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Whoever they have gone with, TQM are hoping to be able to say who they're with before the upcoming Dreamhack Leipzig event on the 22nd of January.

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Esivo avatarBen Barrett avatar
Esivo Avatar
Esivo(30 days 2 hours played)
2 Years ago

Nice for ex-TSM to finally find a new sponsor. I don't know how Secret does in Dota but the ex-TSM guys are a really strong team.

Ben Barrett Avatar
Ben Barrett(14 hours played)
2 Years ago

Secret were The Hot Shit until this year's major tournament The International where they kinda messed up. They only have one player remaining from then now, Puppey, who's like the best team captain in the history of the sport, and they do a lot better. Top 3 team with EG and OG, easily, which exact spot they're in depends who you ask.