How to win a round of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive using a door

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Imagine: you’re at a numerical disadvantage, with no bullets left. You’re in a small room, so there’s no space to maneuver. The element of surprise was lost long ago, and your enemies are closing in. There’s nothing from Sun Tzu that springs to mind, so you devise new strategy around the tools in front of you: a flimsy-looking set of double doors.

Counter-Strike is a classic – have a peek at its company in the best first-person shooters of all time.

thenuker00 described the below incident as “possibly the stupidest clutch I’ve ever pulled off” – a clutch being a Counter-Strike win pulled off by the last man standing against absurd odds. The redditor has invented a technique you might call shock-and-door – a repeated facial assault that blinds and confuses opponents long enough for you to stick the knife in.

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“I actually picked up an enemy’s gun and ran out of ammo like an idiot,” explains thenuker.

CS meta as you might have known it is over. Your choice now is either to get to grips with the hinges or get left behind.