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A CS:GO fan is building a Lego version of a classic map

The CS:GO map Dust II is being recreated with Lego

The videogame world is no stranger to Lego-based crossovers, and it’s not only the more well-known franchises like Star Wars or Minecraft that get a look-in. We’ve seen game series like Fallout, Portal, and even Dark Souls taking on a more blocky aesthetic in the past. Now, thanks to one Lego-savvy fan, it seems that it’s Counter-Strike’s turn to be transformed into a small, cube-based project.

A CS:GO player, who goes by the username Mexicandemon2, has recreated a section of the Dust II map using their Lego set and posted a picture of their build to Reddit earlier today. The fan has decided to focus on the Bombsite A section of the map, which will be familiar to any Counter-Strike player. While this may seem like an unlikely crossover, it actually works rather well and the build is incredibly accurate.

The Lego build is surprisingly detailed, even including a terrorist, a counter-terrorist, and a bomb in the correct position. The creator has also made sure to add in the boxes often used for cover in this area. The colour palette they’ve chosen also fits nicely with the actual in-game look of the map.

You can take a look at the project for yourself here:

My LEGO model of Site A; Dust 2. Comes with 1 bomb, 1 terrorist, and 1 counterterrorist. This is the first version, feedback is appreciated. from csgo

This isn’t the first time that CS:GO has gotten the Lego treatment, as a number of fan-made projects have already been crafted and posted online previously, including life-size builds of some of the game’s most popular weapons. There have been a range of character and map builds similar to the one above and there have even been some short stop-motion movies posted to YouTube. The creativity of Lego builders never ceases to amaze.