Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mapper rebuilds Tomb Raider’s Croft Manor

Croft Manor, as it ever was.

Solo CS modder llVeXXll has “lovingly recreated” Lara’s manor from the original Tomb Raider in the Source engine. The Global Offensive map is remarkably faithful to the 1996 stately home built by Core Design – but it does have a few more bombsites than you might remember.

Croft Manor was a harmless tutorial hub that played host to most of Core’s easter eggs and jokes. Some of PC gaming’s fondest memories revolve around trapping its farting butler in the pantry, or sprinting aflame from the fireplace to the pool.

llVeXXll has carved out all the same nooks and crannies (and implied cooks and nannies) seen on the estate in the ‘90s. She has created 232 custom textures for the map, installed all of the switches in the correct places, and even recreated the dated, saturated look of the original building. Take a look and have a listen:

You can download the map from the Steam Workshop. What’s your favourite Croft Mansion memory?

Cheers, VG247.