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This fan-made CS:GO map looks like it was plucked out of Far Cry 5

CS:GO fans have made an impressive new map for the FPS game's battle royale game mode

CS:GO's County map, which features in Operation Riptide

As you’ll know if you’re into giving the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community’s handcrafted creations a whirl, the FPS game’s modding scene is thriving. Among many new fan-made maps posted this week is one impressive option that drops you into a portion of rural America called ‘Grizzly County’, with all the landmarks and scenery that idea conjures up – kind of like Far Cry 5’s Hope County.

Created by CS:GO modders Lizard and Jakuza, the ‘County – Danger Zone’ custom map is – as its name implies – crafted for the battle royale game mode, Danger Zone. Set in a fictional slice of rural USA, the map features locations like a farm, sawmill, various homes, a carpenter gothic-style church, quarry, trailer park, motel, police station, and – from the images on the mod’s page – what looks like a big, creepy, dilapidated house with suitably spooky interiors.

A bird’s-eye view of the map gives some sense of its pretty huge scale, and everything looks not only the part, but incredibly detailed. There are big outdoor spaces surrounded by trees and mountains in the distance, and the variety of its layout looks like it would make an awesome spot for a good few rounds of Danger Zone.

Take a look at the map’s trailer below to get an idea of what it’s all about:

YouTube Thumbnail

If you’re keen to grab the County – Danger Zone map a go, you can find it on the CS:GO Steam Workshop here. We have some CS:GO tips and CS:GO smokes guides at those links, too, if you’re on the lookout for some pointers.

Top image credit: Lizard, Jakuza / Steam Workshop