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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sets new peak player record - again

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has more concurrent players now than ever before

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February 10, 2020 CS:GO’s done it again.

More people are playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive right now than ever before in the game’s nearly eight-year history. According to figures from SteamDB, yesterday 888,000 people were playing Valve’s team-based shooter, but now that all-time high has been topped again – CS:GO has now achieved a new record peak of 901,681 players.

That’s as spotted by our sister site The Loadout, which notes the CS:GO average player count has also been pretty huge over the last 30 days, hitting over 500,000 players. This surge in activity coincides with yet another record-breaking weekend for Steam itself, which currently has nearly 19 million concurrent users, the platform’s highest number to date. However, CS:GO’s player numbers have been steadily trending upward since last July, increasing noticeably since the launch of Operation Shattered Web in November.

CS:GO went free-to-play in December 2018, but after an initial spike, it saw somewhat declining concurrent player counts in the months after that move. It wasn’t until the following summer that numbers started climbing again, particularly following the StarLadder Berlin 2019 tournament and the subsequent release of Shattered Web.

At the time of this writing, CS:GO has 895,855 players in-game – an all-time high that still hasn’t peaked. Saturday’s player count topped out at just over 876,000 players at about 14:10 GMT, and so today’s peak will probably take place around then as well.

CS:GO’s latest update has introduced some tweaks to some of the game’s most iconic maps, which may be drawing some players back in to have a look around their old haunts.

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