Operation Breakout: six more maps for official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers

Mist: a community-made CS map by Invalid nick.

Valve have go-go-go’d another CS community support initiative. Pay $5.99 for access to Operation Breakout’s six maps on official matchmaking servers, and a portion of the proceeds will reach the relevant creators.

Breakout functions identically to previous Operations. Valve have picked six well-loved community maps to spotlight on their own servers.

Psy is represented by his dilapidated shipyard with a contested middle, Overgrown, and Yanzl by the nighttime, cliffside firefight of Castle. And Invalid nick gets two look-ins, with his vertiginous mountaintop radar station, Mist, and chokepoint-laden jungle outpost, Rush.

Also included is BlackGold, the fast-paced defuse map from a three-man team: az, Holiest Cow and the Horse Strangler.

But the most intriguing map in Breakout is Oskmos’ Insertion – a large, open space designed for “non-linear” hostage rescue. CTs choose one of four spawn points from which to raid a cottage, which means the terrorists need to prepare for assault from any angle.

Complete Operation Breakout missions on the official matchmaking servers to get rewards: 45 weapon finishes from three new collections. Find 14 more community-made weapon finishes in the Operation Breakout case, which will drop only for Breakout coin-holders.

What’s more, you can track key stats using your Operation Journal. Visible only to you, the Journal will rank you against friends on a leaderboard.

Back in October, one community map-maker said that income from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive operations was having a “real impact on our lives”. Do you think you’ll buy in?