CS:GO hackers are using aimbots to draw art with bullets

csgo penis art

The CS:GO community is often paranoid about hackers in-game, and rightly so when they’re churning out works of art this fast.

To train your artist’s aim, here are the best FPS games on PC.

When Twitch streamer enny_tv was left watching his last remaining match-making team-mate run down the clock to save their weapons, he was suitably impressed by the speed at which he could pump out an AK-47 sketch.

Whether this is the result of much practice or an aimbot we’re unlikely to find out, but it’s not the only time this has been suspicious.

Much of the time in CS:GO, enemy players are caught aimbotting when they land a few too many one-tap headshots through smoke or walls. But in response to enny_tv’s talented phallophilic artist, members of the volunteer-run anti-cheating review corps Overwatch (no relation) said they often see more blatant displays of tool-assisted artwork.

To be fair, it’s kind of obvious he’s using a hack here because he’s managing to actually hit the wall with a Negev on full auto.