UK CS:GO pro banned from Twitch for “cheating” while watching demos with x-ray mode turned on

CSGO wireframe

Twitch has suspended the channel of a British Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player for “cheating” after he was seen viewing enemies through walls – while watching a demo.

Here are some more useful CS:GO console commands that may or may not get you mistakenly banned from Twitch.

Jake “Boaster” Howlet, a player on UK team CAZ eSports, received a 24-hour ban from the streaming service after a session of viewing in-client gameplay recordings with a form of spectator x-ray vision turned on to better understand enemy positioning.

The console command “r_drawothermodels 2” renders player models as wireframes viewable through obstacles and the environment. Though it looks dissimilar to the x-ray outlines spectators use when broadcasting live matches, some professionals find it easier to enable the wireframes by console command than the sometimes finicky blue and yellow player outlines. The command itself cannot be executed on live servers unless permissions allow it, which the vast majority do not for fairly obvious reasons.

Howlet, who won last year’s Insomnia 56 tournament, has said he received an email after an appeal informing him his account will be returned to him after the 24-hour period had elapsed. No further reasoning was provided for the moderator’s decision to flag his account for suspension.