Valve invite CS:GO pros to advise on coaching rule, may change it before Eleague Major

"Psst, shoot that guy."

Valve have contacted CS:GO pros about possible revisions to a rule, announced in August, banning coaches from advising their teams in the middle of a match.

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Slingshot says that according to knowledgeable sources, Vitaliy Genkin, a Valve employee, has invited a number of “high-profile” Counter-Strike pro players to offer suggestions with respect to a possible revision of Valve’s coaching rule.

The coaching rule was introduced in August, and stipulates strict conditions under which CS:GO coaches are allowed to advise their players. Valve were concerned that too many teams were deferring certain skills – such as tracking the economy, deciding when to call a team play, and general situational awareness – to their coach, rather than taking responsibility for those skills within the team. It got to the point where Valve would call the coach a “sixth player”.

The new rule restricts coach communication with their teams to before the match starts, halftime, and one of the four 30-second timeouts each team can call. It has generally not been well received, especially among the bigger teams, who are able to attract top coaches and tend to rely on them to call plays.

Slingshot’s sources claim the contacted players planned to meet in early October and request coach communication be extended to the 15-second ‘freeze-time’ periods before each round begins. This is a possible compromise between the old and new situations that might please all involved.

It’s not clear if any revision to the rule will be implemented before the first Major of the new season, scheduled for January and hosted by Eleague.