Valve squashes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive bird surfing bug; community is sad

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Bird Surfing

When Valve “rebuilt” their classic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map Train, they did so with an unintended, but hilarious bug: bird surfing. Players quickly discovered that if they hopped on top of a group of innocent bystanding birds, they could use their flight to “surf” above the map. Things got out of hand when players furthered the exploit to get to the rooftops directly above bombsite A, giving them an unfair advantage.

But don’t worry, Valve have already flown in a hotfix to remove the bug, but not without leaving a subtle nod to its existence in its place.

While it’s definitely sad to see the bug go, CS:GO’s competitive nature warrants their swift execution; we’ve already seen what happens when they sneak into the tournament scene, when Fnatic used a boost exploit against Team LDLC at DreamHack Winter this year.

Just like the exploit used at DreamHack, which was fixed along with a new sign saying “no climbing on ledges”, Valve have left a similar reference with the bird surfing bug. A new sign, pictured above, reads “On Bird Not Tread” according to PC Gamer.

Until the next quirky bug, rest in peace our dear feathered friends.