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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update deals with AFK bomb-holders


I imagine being a member of a terrorist cell is tough enough with having to worry about whether the man with the bomb is conscious or not. That’s presumably why Valve have added a new quirk to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s spawning system in this week’s patch, which sees inactive players automatically drop the bomb. As it were.

While players can fiddle with the default drop time via an ‘sv_spawn_afk_bomb_drop_time’ game file, teammates will be waiting 15 seconds by default before they can pick up their charge.

Elsewhere Valve have fiddled with the finer points of de_dust2, notably fixing a collision bug at Bombsite B and tweaking the level of fog. Whether they’ve plumped for a clearer playing field or all-out Baskervilles is something I guess we’ll discover once we get there.

The full patch notes also list a shift in the degree of weapon inaccuracy when running. From the sound of it, they’ll be more inaccurate, not less:


  • Adjusted the function that mapped movement speed to weapon inaccuracy. The linear portion of this function is now exponential.


  • de_dust2: Fixed collision bug in Bombsite B, tweaked fog, fixed navmesh naming.


  • Added support for more Unicode characters in player names.
  • Fixed a rare incorrect name truncation in the death notice feed, scoreboard and main menu.
  • Fixed truncation of the competitive maps selection when all maps were selected.
  • Smoke volume is now cheaper to render.
  • Players that spawn and don’t move for longer than sv_spawn_afk_bomb_drop_time (default 15 seconds) will automatically drop the bomb. Thanks GreenTea!

Which of these bulleted points will most significantly alter the business of bulleting counter-terrorists, do you think?