Counter Strike: Global Offensive goes teenage: updated with underarm throws and stickers

Stickers. STICKERS!

Leaving the house with an automatic weapon of any sort is usually enough to turn heads – but how do you stand out from the crowd in a scene where every bugger wields a firearm of some kind?

It’s precisely this first-person problem that Valve addressed in yesterday’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update. CS:GO players will now come across sticker capsule drops as they play. Opened with a dedicated key, each capsule contains one sticker waiting to be slapped on any weapon you own. Repeat the process ad infinitum, and you can cover the surface of your gun like a teenager’s laptop.

There’s plenty more new: including a way to throw grenades that’s simply not cricket.

The perfect grenade toss is a point of personal pride and endless practice for CS players – which renders a new secondary fire option a matter of incalculable import.

Today’s update introduces the underhand-toss, which plants a grenade a “short distance” from your feet. And there’s an intriguing possibility: use secondary and primary fire in conjunction, and you can define a very specific amount of power for a throw.

Another new feature is closing on our position. It’s a change to the radar. Teammates now appear with their own colour, so you can immediately identify a partner in hopeful crime when approaching a bombsite. What’s more, Valve intend players to share crucial information as a result.

Elsewhere, Valve have made Overpass and Cobblestone available to all – and finally called an end to a massively successful Operation Bravo. Bravo passes are still sellable on the marketplace, however, as they’re redeemable for Bravo coins.

The dev team are also working on a workshop for stickers, which should offer new creative scope to community designers with ideas in 2D.

Sounds good, no? Head here for the whole changelog.