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Counter-Strike’s de_dust2 knock-off in Arctic Combat


People usually remake their favourite levels in games when learning a new toolset, it’s a great way to get to grips with a new editor. It’s a big no no when it comes to a retail release, though. So the Sand Storm level in free-to-play shooter Arctic Combat may land the developer, Webzen, in hot water due to it’s very strong similarities to Counter-Strike’s de_dust2.

The level was spotted by PC Gamer, who point out how the layout of the level is largely the same with only a few alterations in things like box placement and geometry dimensions. What baffles me a tad is that Webzen haven’t changed the desert aesthetic, not only to make the replication less noticeable but also because, y’know, being called Arctic Combat, a change would be expected.

This video really highlights the similarity:

More than a smallportion of CoD in there too.

We have reached out to Webzen for comment.