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CS:GO released; Steel Series headset, mouse, and mouse mat complete the package


It’s here, it’s finally been released. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is active and playable for anyone who’s bought it. That means that the beta will be wrapped up and the only way you’ll be able to get your most modern man-shoot on will be to pick up a copy from the Steam store.

Also released are the official headset, mouse, and mouse mat. More on those below.

First up, the Steel Series Siberia V2headset:

Invisible mic not pictured, we think.

Based off the Siberia V2 design, this Steel Series headset has opted forthecamouflagedecal. That’ll come in handy in your bedroom should prowlers come calling. It also features an “invisible” mic. Apparently we can put “lies” in quotation marks now. The mic is discreet, and folds up into the headband.

Further features can be found here.

Second, we have the Steel Series Kana mouse:

This cool number comes in Arctic blue.

Again, it’s been decorated to look like a Counter-Strike in the wild, and it features more than the minimal number of buttons for a mouse. More details here.

Finally, the Steel Series QcK mouse mat:

It’s a mouse mat.

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