McDonalds Sweden unveils its new Counter-Strike eSports burger: the McNiP

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This is going to require some explanation. McDonalds ran a promotional campaign in Sweden recently named My Burger, in which contestants put forward designs for their own pipedream buns. Five hamburgers were chosen in the grand final – including one cheese-heavy number by Fragbite user Joel ‘flippoz’ Brix. Joel named his culinary creation after his favourite eSports team – NiP.

You can buy and (optionally) eat the McNiP in McDonalds’ across Sweden for a week from October 29. Joel has chosen to coat the traditional sliver of beef with hot tomato sauce, dry roasted onions, iceburg lettuce, melted cheddar, bacon and melted cheddar, again. Then comes the vice-like grip of two sesame seed bread bits. Delish.

NiP are more lengthily known as Ninjas in Pyjamas – a Swedish Counter-Strike 1.6 squad with a decade-long history. They disbanded after seven years of success in 2007, but regrouped last year to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professionally. In the months since, they’ve become the most accomplished team in the game. They maintained an eight month winning streak until April this year, when they lost 2-0 to

Their feelings on the fillings flippoz has chosen in their name are unknown at this time.