Valve name “popular” first map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s next Operation

Cache is one of the most popular community maps on CS:GO.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s next Operation will feature some familiar environs, Valve have said. They’ve confirmed the name of the first map this weekend, back by “popular demand”.

Cache is a custom bomb defusal map which requires “surgical precision and tactical prowess” of its terrorists – who need to secure a hidden weapons cache beneath Chernobyl. As if preemptively countering any who dare question its popularity, Valve tell us 598,660 rounds of Cache are played every 24 hours, across a time-bending 11,753 hours per day.

It’ll be one of several community-made maps made temporarily available on low-ping official servers via a $5.99 Operation pass.

Operations are one of several recent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive initiatives that’ve seen the game routinely bother the top three in Steam’s most played list. Paying pass owners can invite friends onto official servers, and sport an Operation coin visible alongside their avatar.

Valve take a cut, and the rest of the funds are distributed evenly between the relevant map makers. They’re already having a “real impact” on community creators’ lives. The recent Operation Bravo proved so successful that Valve extended its tenure into early February.

Valve are still collecting votes, but will reveal more of next Operation’s maps at a steady, treacly pace in the coming weeks. Are there any particular bottlenecks you’d like to see crop up again?