Valve release Operation Payback for CS:GO: the first community map support pass in “an ongoing series”


It’s been a longer time coming than we expected when mumblings of a CS:GO community map support pass first began in March, but Operation Payback has arrived exactly as expected: a ticket to play seven top-rated, community-developed maps on official servers for the next three months.

Insert $5.99 into the money-hole of your Steam client – or $2.99 if you’re quick about it – and in return you’ll get uninterrupted, low-ping access to a Classic Casual map group featuring seven familiar community creations until July 31:

You’ll also receive an upgradable bronze challenge coin, viewable alongside your avatar.

“But Jeremy,” stammers the rhetorical device known only as The Reader. “I’ve played all of these maps before, y’know, for free? Like, I guess my question is, what’s that about?”

Well, Reader, I’m glad you asked. Proceeds from Operation Payback will head back to all of the mapmakers listed above.

“Operation Payback is the first of an ongoing series of limited-time updates aimed at rewarding CS:GO’s most popular mapmakers,” say Valve.

I’d expect another to arrive at about, ooo, the end of July? What do you reckon?