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Gabe Newell will cut you in Crawl

Gabe brings his knife collection to Crawl.

Crawl joins the likes of Magicka in the list of games that will put a big strain on friendships. It’s a dungeon crawler where one player controls the hero, and three chums take control of traps and monsters as disgruntled spirits. 

Bosses range from traditional dungeon-dwellers, like skeletons, to IRS agents. And, due in the next update, Gabe Newell.

Despite its timing, the addition of Gaben as a boss monster is not an April Fools gag. He’s coming. And he’s bringing his knife collection with him.

“I’ve got a few larger monsters too powerful to put in evolve trees, so I’d like to squeeze some into this next update as rare statues like the IRS guy,” said Powerhoof’s Barney Cumming. “This has been at the top of my list since the very start.”

Crawl’s been on Steam Early Access since August, last year.

Cheers, Eurogamer.