Crazy Justice is a cel shaded steampunk hero shooter with Tesla coils, beta sign ups now live

Crazy Justice

A bold indie team are having a crack at the hero shooter genre with Crazy Justice, a third-person action game with a cel shaded steampunk aesthetic and a fixation with Tesla coils.

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In the full version, developers Black Riddles studiopromise 16 heroes and 45 weapons, with more to come in further updates, all upgradeable and customisable. It will come to PC (and consoles) with a single-player or co-op campaign and several multiplayer modes.

During the story – which will run for eight to ten hours – you’ll travel the world in search of “the hidden Teslas”, aiming to activate them despite the chaos they will bring. The campaign promises a fun sense of humour and bio-mechanical monsters to fight.

Multiplayer modes confirmed so far include:

The Devastator

  • A 16-player battle in which ‘the Devastator’ advances toward the ‘Temple of Osiris’. One side is out to support the Devastator on its mission by defending the four Teslas, while the other aims to destroy the Teslas to bring down the Devastator’s shield (and then, presumably, the Devastator itself). Sounds like a combination of objective assault and payload modes in other games.


  • A classic Team Deathmatch mode with a fast-paced gameplay; heroes fight against each other for a limited time in 4v4, 6v6, and 8v8 matches.

Capture the Tesla

  • Capture as many Teslas as you can. Each capture earns your team one point and subtracts one from the enemy, so there’s a momentum element at work.

Early gameplayshows a man in a top hat firing some kind of energy weapon. It looks like there will be an element of terrain destruction and a bold, brass score.

Black Riddles were named best indie developers at Hungary’s CES Awards 2016. The game is still in closed beta, but you can sign up for a chance to get in on the action at their website, or follow the game’s Greenlight page here.