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The Crew launches this autumn, when you’ll be able to make America your race track

The Crew launches in autumn

Ivory Tower’s vehicular MMO, The Crew, is launching on PC this autumn, Ubisoft announced today. It was pushed back last year, but managed to impress more than a few people when it was shown off at E3 in the summer. 

Along with a release window, The Crew gets its first gameplay trailer, taking a look at four cars with different capabilities as they drive across the slimmed down but still massive facsimile of the United States.

I can appreciate any game that takes the persistency and promise of freedom inherent in the MMO genre and doesn’t go down the banal route of hacking fantasy creatures with swords.

From today, prospective players can net themselves rewards via the Golden Plates treasure hunt. License plates have been hidden within The Crew’s game assets like trailers and screenshots. If your eagle eyes spot a plate, you can submit the code you get at launch over here, and you’ll unlock in-game rewards.