The Crew trailer shows joining a gang is as simple as powersliding into your friends

the crew trailer social ubisoft

Multiplayer in The Crew is fluid, you can just drive up along your friends to join their group and break away when you want to play on your own. There’s no party invites and waiting in lobbies. Similarly, kicking off a rumble against a rival crew looks to be as simple driving headlong into their chassis.

The latest trailer breaks down the freeform play of The Crew.

I’m getting strong Burnout Paradise vibes off that trailer and, hell, if that not a great thing. Too few developers followed Criterion’s example when they made their open world racer. It lent their racing game a sense of freedom and fun that’s lacking in other games. The Crew looks like it’s tapped into that same vein where you’ll be just as happy to just drive around the US than actually take part in the missions.

Exploration is clearly welcomed.

Hopefully The Crew won’t be buried by Ubisoft’s release schedule. November sees Ubisoft releasing three open world games within a week, which puts a lot of pressure on The Crew to stand out. It’s also a new property compared to Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed Unity so it might suffer as a result.

The Crew’s release date is November 11 so we don’t have long to wait now.