GTA 5 meets Payday 2 in Epic Store FPS game starring Chuck Norris

GTA 5 and Payday 2 unite in a new FPS game for the Epic Store, revealed at The Game Awards, and starring Chuck Norris and The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker

GTA 5 meets Payday 2 in Epic Store FPS game starring Chuck Norris. A sherrif played by Chuck Norris in FPS game Crime Boss Rockay City

Perhaps the most unusual reveal at The Game Awards 2022, GTA 5 and Payday 2 seem to combine in a new FPS game coming to the Epic Store, which stars Chuck Norris, The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker, Michael Madsen from Kill Bill, and, um, Vanilla Ice. Get ready for one of the weirdest game trailers you’ve ever seen.

Crime Boss Rockay City is coming to the Epic Games Store March 28, 2023, published by 505 Games, and casting you as Travis Baker (played by the aforementioned Madsen) as you try to conquer the criminal underworld of nineties Florida.

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An FPS game built around PvE combat, you need to team up with friends to stage a series of heists and hit jobs in an attempt to earn as much cash and loot as possible. You’ll amass your empire alongside other colourful characters played by Danny Trejo, Danny Glover, Kim Basinger, Vanilla Ice, and classic meme stalwart Chuck Norris.

With flashes of Vice City in the visuals and a GTA 5-like focus on heists, Rockay City also uses a few roguelike elements, as successful missions will make you wealthy, but botched jobs will leave you with nothing.

The previous crime boss of Rockay City has recently departed, leaving a power vacuum which you and your co-op game pals will attempt to fill. Set to the nostalgic beats of Stereo MC’s ‘Connected,’ the reveal trailer feels like a kind of fever dream you might have after picking up the flu and spending all day on the sofa playing Payday and Far Cry.

Nevertheless, it certainly looks colourful – the kind of bizarre big-budget experiment that we’d like to see more often. Check out the other best upcoming games for 2023, alongside all the TGA winners from this year’s show. You might also want to try some other great co-op games, or maybe the best crime games, to get you in the mood for taking on Chuck Norris.