Crimson Desert looks amazing and vast in its first official trailer

Until tonight, there’s been little to go on about Crimson Desert, the upcoming medieval fantasy game from Pearl Abyss, the creators of popular MMO game Black Desert Online. Tonight we got our first real glimpse of the game in a gameplay trailer that debuted at the Game Awards.

The trailer is impressive – it shows a bevy of gameplay in a wide array of scenes. The combat looks reminiscent of the new Assassin’s Creed games, but the environments are vast and fantastical, with rides on the back of dragons and magical spells devastating castle walls.

Before tonight, all we had were a handful of screenshots and an official logo, which depicts stylised glyphs of what appear to be a wolf, an owl, and a deer circling a pointed, woven crown. There’s more than a little Game of Thrones in the aesthetics here, from the Night Watch-style uniforms to the grim and bloody political backdrop.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

There’s also, of course, monsters – and these will need slaying, we take it. Good, we’re always up for some slaying.

The Game Awards is an annual showcase of both the year’s best games and upcoming titles from publishers and developers across the industry. The evening promises news on everything from Among Us to the next Dragon Age game, and PCGamesN will be here to provide the biggest news as it happens.

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