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New games: CrossCode set to leave Early Access

It’s been three years, but CrossCode is ready to head out of Steam’s Early Access program. Developer Radical Fish Games announced that the game will officially launch September 20.

CrossCode is a beautiful action-RPG, an homage to the classics of the SNES like Chrono Trigger, the Legend of Zelda, and the Final Fantasy series.

So far, fans have been only been able to play about 30-40% of CrossCode’s story content. The release build coming September 20 will include the full sci-fi story, plus several new endgame boss encounters.

CrossCode’s developers say the goal of their game is to combine the dungeon puzzle mechanics of Zelda with the equipment and combat systems of meatier RPGs.

The pixel art is lovely and looks just right for the era. However, CrossCode also features some modern conveniences like a working physics engine.

If you’ve already bought into CrossCode’s Early Access period, you’ve got tons to look forward to when the official release launches later this month. The developers say the story has some unexpected twists toward the end.

Here’s the trailer:

CrossCode looks to be a good time, particularly for fans of the 16-bit era of RPGs. Of course, there’s always our list of the best games on PC if you’re looking for something new to play.