Crusader King 2 Charlemagne expansion is arriving on October 14th

Crusader Kings II

The new Charlemagne expansion Crusader Kings 2 is due sooner than you think: October 14th to be precise. You’ll get another 100 years to play with, among other features such as new kingdoms, characters and events.

We’ve got a new developer diary so you can get up to speed before the expansion hits in just a little over a weeks time.

One change that caught my eye is the removal of the assassination button. Now don’t worry, you can still plot for another ones untimely demise, but that’s now the primary method. You also have access to more defensive options if you’re at the wrong end of an assassination plot: you can go into hiding to reduce the success chance. However, you’ll need to appoint a regent to rule in your stead, which could make things difficult.

What are you excited about in the new Charlemagne expansion?