Crusader Kings 3’s new DLC will be revealed at PDXCon Remixed next month

If the recent minor DLC didn't do anything for you, CK3's first major expansion will be announced next month...

Last month saw the release of the first Crusader Kings 3 DLC. Called Northern Lords, it's a minor ‘flavour pack’ that didn’t add that many new gameplay features. Instead, it mainly focused on thematic content for characters of the Norse culture type, including events, visual assets for characters, and more winter-y winter mechanics.

Modern Paradox grand strategy games tend to get both major and minor expansions, and the CK3 community has been eagerly awaiting news on what the game’s first 'big' expansion will be. We’re still none the wiser on that, but at least we know when we’ll find out: PDXCon Remixed in May.

During today’s CK3 Dev Diary, the development team confirmed that the first major DLC will be announced during Paradox’s annual PDXCon event. This year the company has gone completely digital due to the challenges posed by the ongoing COVID pandemic. This is the same event where we’ll learn what the next strategy game will be from Paradox’s internal studio, which is most definitely going to be Victoria 3 (probably – maybe not).

Other news from the diary includes details on the next major patch, codenamed ‘Azure’. It’s due to release sometime in the summer, although details as to what it will change are scarce.

A viking longship sails along the ocean in CK£

It will be a free patch focusing on content for the base game, but one confirmed change will involve a rework on the declaring war interface, as well as making sure every character starts with some Men-at-arms units.

The development team is also working on a separate update to improve the stability of multiplayer, and an open beta for some upcoming tweaks is due to hit Steam sometime in the near future.

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PDXCon Remixed runs from May 21 – 23, and will be free for everyone to attend. You can sign up on the event’s official landing page.