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Crusader Kings 3 DLC Royal Court will let you show off in a personal throne room

The new CK3 DLC will add a new space to show off your wealth, and looks to overhaul culture mechanics

The next Crusader Kings 3 DLC has been announced at PDXCon Remixed, and it will further immerse you in the medieval power fantasy by introducing a new ‘throne room’ area where you can hold court, make decisions, and display treasured artefacts for mad props.

Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court is the first major expansion for the feudal grand strategy game, following on from the Northern Lords pack earlier this year. It’s mainly concerned with giving players new ways to display their wealth and power, but it also introduces new court positions, new culture mechanics, and the aforementioned seat of power.

This visual space is only available to characters who hold the rank of King/Queen or Emperor/Empress, and it will come in four broad cultural ‘styles’ that will be customisable, and where you can display any treasures or powerful artefacts you find. Other characters will wait there in the hope of securing an audience with you via the new ‘hold court’ decision, where supplicants will come to you with pleas that you will need to make a ruling on.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

A new concept called ‘grandeur’ is also being introduced that ties in with this idea that rulers are there to be seen, as well heard. Monarchs generally did not hoard wealth – they spent it – and not on boring things like decent roads or vital infrastructure. If you want to show everyone how awesome you are, you’ve got to spend your money on fun stuff like parties, art, or perhaps a boat.

As part of the usual free update, personal inventories make a return, which was a feature first introduced in the Monks and Mystics expansion for Crusader Kings II. The CK3 version of this mechanic is more simplified, but it will let you equip your characters with things like ancient swords, family heirlooms, or a shiny hat.

The patch also seeks to overhaul the culture mechanics and make them more dynamic, bringing them in line with other features such as religion and dynasties. A new interface will give cultures distinct elements, called ‘traditions’, ‘ethos’, and ‘pillars’, which will define that culture. Previously hidden or obfuscated culture-specific mechanics and game content will also be brought under the new system, making them more legible.

This pairs with the final premium feature of the Royal Court DLC. Now cultures can merge into new ‘hybrid’ cultures, and subcultures can diverge from their parent group to form their own distinct (even if similar) identity.

Crusader Kings III: Royal Court has no release date, but we’re guessing 2021. It will launch on Steam and the Paradox Store.