You can seduce the Pope in Crusader Kings 3

You can bring a whole new meaning to Papal schism

Good news, everyone: you can seduce the Pope. Not in real life, mind – well, maybe, I don’t know what you’re capable of – but in Crusader Kings 3. We already knew that CK3 would let you become a master of seduction through its lifestyle perks, and now we know just how powerful your sex appeal may grow. Yes, you can totally seduce the person in the highest office of the Catholic Church.

There’s even a special event for seducing the Pope. The Crusader Kings 3 devs confirmed as much during a recent Discord Q&A, which has been transplanted into a summarising forum post. The timeline of CK3 covers the periods both before and after Catholicism adopted celibacy for the priesthood as a whole, so the year will likely dictate just how mortal your mortal sins are.

Romantic and seduction events are going to avoid the repetition of CK2, in general. The devs say “the events are very varied between the different schemes. I also like to think that the internal variety is quite significant. You’ll definitely feel the difference depending on who you’re romancing or seducing!”

You’ll have an easier time seducing the Pope if you’re of a high station, but there’s no hard limit. “Tier differences affect success chances for succession, so it’s harder to seduce above your station. You can definitely seduce the Pope or Emperor if you’re good enough, though, no matter how lowly a Countess you are. Whether that’s ‘realistic’ or not really comes down to your real-life seduction abilities, I guess.”

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Crusader Kings 2 remains a mainstay among the best strategy games on PC, and strategic deployment of sex is sure to help CK3 stand strong, too.