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Crusader Kings 3’s next update adds an option for same-sex marriages

With update 1.5, Crusader Kings 3 will let same-sex lovers tie the knot officially with a new rule

Crusader Kings III is adding a custom rule to allow same-sex marriages without mods.

One of Crusader Kings III’s most-requested features will be arriving with update 1.5, alongside the Royal Court DLC. Same-sex marriages, which up till now have only been possible by using mods, will be added via a new custom rule in the grand strategy game’s menu. Due to how Crusader Kings III’s game logic works, and all the rules in place about feudal marriage and succession, this wound up being a complicated addition to the game, but it’s finally arriving with the next free update.

Currently, you have the option at the outset of a Crusader Kings III campaign to set custom rules for same-sex relations: by default, each culture has a specific view on same-sex relationships – usually, a negative one. However, you can change things so that all faiths in the game accept same-sex relations, which allows you to pursue those throughout the campaign. However, you currently need mods to make these relationships official.

With update 1.5, a new game rule can be adjusted so that same-sex marriages are possible without any mods.

The latest dev diary also provides some new details on the new modding options and tools that will be coming in update 1.5, which include an in-game courtroom scene editor for customising your very own throne room tableaus. If you’re so inclined, you’ll be able to fuss with character’s positioning in the court by adjusting the rules governing who stands where – very important stuff in feudal life, to be sure.

The Crusader Kings III Royal Court DLC release date is just around the corner – you’ll be able to take to your throne on February 8.