The Crusader Kings board game launches next month

July 9, 2019 The Crusader Kings board game is out in August.

Over a year ago, Paradox Interactive announced a new line of board games in partnership with tabletop publisher Free League. Now it’s finally time to see how that deal will pay off, as Crusader Kings – The Board Game launches in just a handful of weeks, condensing the signature brand of grand strategy to a tabletop format.

The August 1 launch coincides with Gen Con, as so many tabletop releases do – including Cyberpunk Red this year. Pre-orders are also live online if you want to purchase early, though it’s a pricey set. The base game will set you back $74.49 / £59.10 / €67.05, and the Councilors & Inventors expansion will run another $26.47 / £21.00 / €23.82. (You can also grab a bundle at a slight discount.)

Crusader Kings supports 3-5 players, and will feature all the military, religious, and political intrigue you could hope for. Game sessions last a meaty two to three hours, during which you’ll build your dynasty and leave your mark on the stage of European history.

Check out a trailer for the board game below.

At the original announcement last year, Paradox said that further board game projects will come from a variety of other “very known and very talented” publishers in the space.

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Crusader Kings will be followed up with further physical adaptations based on Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, and Cities: Skylines.

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