Crusader Kings 2 gets 75% price reduction to celebrate its anniversary

Crusader Kings 2

Ah, February 14. The day when people pretend they love each other with lengthy Facebook posts while doing their best to ignore each other in real life. It’s also the day Crusader Kings 2 launched, all the way back in 2012. To celebrate that milestone, Paradox are offering a hefty discount, just like those hastily bought flowers you snatched up earlier for your significant other. 

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That means you can spend the rest of this week shaping 400 years of European history, beginning life as a Christian noble and working your way up to Emperor through any means necessary. All for £7.50.

The strategy game is brilliant at creating memorable stories with its systems. If you thought your family were bad in real life, wait until you see what life was like in 1066.

Pick it up on the Paradox store, where it’s currently 75% off. You’ll be sent a Steam key, so don’t panic.

If you already own the game, you can also grab a little freebie in the form of the South Indian Portrait Pack. A bunch of other bits are also discounted, so have a gander through the store.