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Crusader Kings 2 Game of Thrones mod out of beta, even has spoiler free version


The Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings 2 has been around for a few years, gently teasing at the minds of everyone who loves massively complicated strategising and overly violent fantasy worlds and wishes to mix the two. It’s been definitely playable but equally in development for a while, with today marking the day it comes out of beta and all the bugs should be gone.

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If you want to download it, there’s links over on the mod’s official forums. They’ve even got a sub-mod that removes spoilers for elements of the final book that haven’t yet made it to TV, in case that’s a worry. It’s a bit further down the page.

Here’s the highlights of what’s new in version 1.0:

  • Completed integration of World of Ice and Fire material
  • Integrated some Horse Lords DLC features
  • Added many new government types
  • Others/White Walkers improvements
  • Started a chronicle overhaul
  • Plus many other additions, tweaks and fixes

Obviously this doesn’t read like something that’s fully finished, because it isn’t. The team have “decided that this version of the mod has pretty much everything in it that we set out to include 1.0. The World of ice Fire has been fully integrated into the mod, and all ? flags should now be gone. We now hope playing in [eastern GoT continent] Essos is as full and flavoursome experience as playing in [western, faux-Britain GoT continent] Westeros.” Given I’ve already read diaries of people playing it to great, fun and deadly effect, I expect it’s in quite good shape, and yet another reason I really should get around to learning Crusader Kings 2.

There’s a massive full changelog on the download page, listing factions I didn’t even know exist and a myriad of tweaks made to them. Any of you folks been using this one? Any anecdotes to tell?