Crusader Kings 2’s Monks & Mystics DLC adds options for cults and cloud wizard worship

Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2’s latest expansion is imminent and will add a host of new options pertaining to the belief in a higher power. Cults, religous groups, societies and secret societies – you’ll be able to have characters join these orders, opening new actions and sending them down new event paths.

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The expansion will flesh out the religious aspects of the game, letting you raise faiths up or rip them apart completely.

Monks & Mystics’ main attraction will be the addition of Societies, both secret and public. Dibb, dibb, dobb, dobb and all that. Characters can join monastic orders, secret cults and Gnostic heresies. As the members go up, so does the power of the religion’s leaders.

You can even recreate your very own Assassin’s Creed conflict of cults, with assassins to murder your enemies and archaeological expeditions to uncover precursor artefacts, or something.

Paradox also promise the chance for your ruler to “explore forbidden knowledge”.

Monks & Mystics includes:

  • Monastic Orders: With lay offices available to non-clerical characters, monastic orders will increase your character’s piety – but they have expectations.
  • Cults: Gnostic heresies may flourish and its is rumoured that the worship of Satan continues in the darkened fringes of the world
  • Climb the Ranks: Characters work their way up the ladder of Societies, unlocking new abilities and triggering new event chains
  • Hunt for Heretics: Send your chaplain out to find secret societies that undermine the holy church and your realm. But what if the hunter is guilty himself?
  • Other New Councillor Actions: Your councillors have a fourth action that will make them more powerful and integral to sound rulership
  • And much more: Assassins, archaeological expeditions, holy relics, great treasures and more