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Crusader Kings II Conclave expansion out February 2nd, expects lands and titles for its services

Crusader Kings 2 conclave

Update 21 Jan, 2016: Paradox have announced a February 2nd release date for Conclave.

The start of February will be the domain of The Strategy King as Crusader Kings II gets its latest expansion on the 2nd of the month, just three days before we all go alien hunting once again in XCOM 2. Conclave is all about managing the wills and ways of your council of advisors, while 50% of them try to kill you, 25% of them want to have sex with your or your family members and the rest are too drunk, stupid or engorged to realise they’ve even on the council. Medieval times: they were simpler.

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Word of release comes straight from Paradox, and bundled with a delightful set of new screenshots one of which you can see above. The rest are here. Hooray for maps. Which of your close family and friends do you plan to kill off first?

Original Story 7 Jan, 2016:Royal councils, who’d have ‘em? I mean, if they’re not trying to undercut your authority, they’re trying to usurp you completely. Conclave, the 11th and latest expansion for Crusader Kings II, is out this year and will focus on adding new systems that’ll empower councils way more than you’d like. You’re the king, after all, you’re supposed to be in charge. Right?

What a bastard John Miller is. After witnessing a vision, your younger brother talks you into sacking your current council and replacing them with people of the church. You turn to ol’ Mr Miller – a “godly man” who’s also, you unfortunately discover, an “insane zealot.” The shitteth hitteth the fan thereafter as your newfound advisories turn against you. Here’s how that plays out, as documented by this lovely medieval-inspired trailer:

As is eluded to there, the Crusader Kings II Conclave expansion will grant councils the power to vote on changes to realm laws. A new diplomatic (hah) system will be installed – with a leaning towards marital alliances where coalitions are possible – and a revised education system will be put in place.

Ultimately, you’ll want to limit your maverick council’s power and influence, or you’ll most likely meet them on the battlefield. In that event, you’ll be glad to know Conclave’s combat has been reworked, now focussing on how you manage your hirelings, and squad morale.

Conclave is due for release in “early 2016”.