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Get Crusader: No Remorse free on Origin; you won't regret it

Crusader: No Remorse

It looks like EA’s On the House deals on Origin are here to stay, as yet another game has been reduced to zero pounds, dollars and space bucks. It’s Crusader: No Remorse, and this is excellent news, as Crusader is filled to the brim with ‘90s isometric badassery.

Here’s the skinny: 

You’re a sun-burnt Boba Fett, previously a minion of a giant corporate monopoly, now a renegade after refusing to kill a bunch of innocent people. It’s the future, things are bleak, and you like blowing shit up. 

Despite all the action and explosions going off everywhere, Crusader’s a tactical game, with management, stealth and fiddling with the environment - it has a ton of this considering its age - required to effectively kill lots of people and enjoy the fine taste of revenge. 

You can add it to your library now, and keep it forever.

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Mountain_Man avatarChordian avatar
Chordian Avatar
3 Years ago

This is the only thing I use Origin for at the moment; temporarily start it up to get the free "On the House" game I'm probably not going to play anyway (at least not seriously) then turn it off and go back to Steam. Not that I have anything against Origin, I just don't like having more than one digital client loaded, especially if one of them have 99% of my games anyway.

Mountain_Man Avatar
3 Years ago

Nope, still not going to use Origin.