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CryEngine 3 makes toads kissable


Much maligned by the specist propaganda put out by the writers of fairy tales, toads are finally receiving a positive public image from an unexpected quarter: the CryEngine 3.

CryEngine and UnrealEd are the two big hitters when it comes to the gaming engine market (though DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine is making waves). We’ve seen a little of the next Unreal engine. In their tech demo, Epic opted for fire, brimstone, and demons. Crytek have gone in a different direction, as you can see below, it’s all greenery and waterfalls:

What stands out in particular is the focus on large scale vistas. It’s of course something Crytek have always been good at – Far Cry and the first Crysis in particular made impact with the sheer zise of the maps on offer – but in this tech demo the grand size is evident in almost every shot, on top of the complex particle effects and dynamic lighting. It’s a clever route to go, they’re setting themselves up as a response to the dank, brown corridor shooters of the past generation.

Crysis 3’s February release date can’t come soon enough.