Crysis 3 interactive trailer lets you choose between stealth or armoured assault


Crytek have taken a leaf from Dishonored’s choose-your-own-adventure book, giving you the choice of watching the same Crysis 3 mission played through twice in this interactive trailer – once stealthily, once, well, not.

Protagonist Prophet is tasked with shutting down a dam’s generator from the inside, and is given Crysis 3’s wannabe-iconic bow for the purpose, which we’re told is “the ultimate in zero observability”. And so it proves in the steath playthrough, which sees Prophet cloak between cover and seemingly skim arrows off the surface of the water like lethal homing pebbles.

In the action playthrough, however, the bow is stretched to much different purpose, fitted with explosive ammo and used to make defence turrets go boom and bathe enemy positions in fire.
Notably, those enemies are of the two-legged kind, foregoing the floating foes that have irked Crysis players in the past. Fingers crossed, eh.