Crysis 3 multiplayer open beta begins today


“Just a taste” of Crysis 3’s multiplayer is now available to play to literally anybody who can run it, a select group which I daresay might include you, dear reader. Two maps are playable in both Hunter and Crash Site mode. You’ll be able to take your character up to level 10 and swap about various weapons, attachments and doohickies on your nanosuit.

Hunter mode has up to fourteen troopers face off against two permanently cloaked predator-types, and sees each slain soldier respawn as one of the bad’uns. Hunters need to slaughter the entire squad to win the round.

Crash Site mode, meanwhile, is a King of the Hill set-up which tasks players to defend an alien pod dropped randomly somewhere on the map. The less-than-subtle twist is the ‘Pinger’, a “walking weapon of mass destruction”, which can be captured and commandeered by either side.

The two maps are a downtown Manhattan museum and an airport overridden by greenery. Here’s some instruction:

You can install the beta from the ‘My Games’ tab in Origin.Think you’re up to it?