Crysis 3 trailer explains what that bow and arrow shtick is all about


“Are you the hunter, or the hunted?”, ask Crytek in this latest ogling of Crysis 3. Well, if I had to choose…

Human accomplishments are a bit faffy and silly, say Crytek. Industrialisation, democracy, law – all of that stuff just sort of pales in the presence of bows and arrows, don’t you think?

Because “every culture on earth developed [the bow] independent of one another” as they did toilets and shouting, it’s only a short, ultra-masculine leap in logic to assume that it sits at the core of our very being. That really, all of us are hunters at the centre of our existence. Me? I’m a hunter and gatherer of words about PC games. Hear me roar.

My bow? A USB mouse. Tell me, fellow human. What do you hunt?