Crysis 3 trailer has nanosuited man kill all the things; open beta date announced


So far Crysis 3’s trailers have been about how to kill people in different ways, many different ways. This trailer, however, diff… no it doesn’t, it’s more of the killing. There’s a lot of death in this Crysis, more than the others maybe. Whatever the case, pacifists who are easily angered by those not following their creed may not want to jump below the break.

Besides the videoed death, there’s also news of participatory killing. It’s okay, it’s all-inclusive electronic murder, Crytek have announced the multiplayer open beta for 29 January.

It does all look very impressive though doesn’t it.

The issue with Crytek games, I’ve found, has been that while being exceedingly impressive technically, the games themselves are a tad bland. Lacking in pizazz. Hopefully, what with the jungle-fied New York setting it may make for a more compelling game, maybe.