Looks like a Crysis announcement is coming soon

Fans have their fingers crossed for a Crysis remaster or Crysis 4

It’s been 13 years since Crysis first started bringing computers to their proverbial knees, and underneath all that hardware-melting tech was one of the best sandbox FPS games out there. Its sequels never quite hit the same highs, but it looks like another shot is coming – a series of teasers are offering fresh hope that a new Crysis game is coming.

Today, the official Crysis account on Twitter has sent out a message that simply says “receiving data”. It’s the first tweet from the account in nearly four years – the profile description still proudly announces that Crysis 3 is “available now for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3”. We’ll be awaiting further word on what this teaser means, but it’s joining a host of other recent hints.

A couple of weeks ago, the official website for Crysis got an update, and it now features Nomad – the protagonist of the original game – standing aboard what very much looks like the same sort of plane that opens Crysis 1. The source code for the site update also included an ‘April Fool’ tag, but it’s starting to look like this was more than a seasonal prank.

There’s one more piece of this puzzle, too: a CryEngine showcase for the ‘games of the decade’. This video, released in March, ended with a few seconds of Crysis 1 footage – not a game of this decade, incidentally – which some players have noted looks a little peculiar, with features and lighting effects that don’t match the PC original.

It’s clear that some kind of Crysis announcement is coming, and the hot speculation is on a proper remaster of the original game. Either way, it looks like we’ll soon be asking “can it run Crysis?” on a whole new generation of hardware.

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